EcoStardust Sterling Silver Biodegradable Glitter

EcoStardust Sterling Silver Biodegradable Glitter


This EcoStardust sterling silver biodegradable glitter will have you shining like a disco ball. This is the fastest biodegrading glitter around, proven to disintegrate in just 4 weeks. Made from plant cellulose, normally derived from eucalyptus trees in non-GMO sustainably farmed plantations.

- 1 x 6g tin (small)
- Biodegradable in the natural environment
- 40% softer than conventional glitter
- Cosmetic grade
- Same high quality precision cut and shine as conventional glitter
- Suitable for vegetarians / vegans
- No animal testing
- Free of the 14 common food allergies
- Suitable for Face, Hair, Body, Nails, Crafts

To note;
Keep dry and away from sunlight to protect its quality.
This glitter does NOT dissolve in water as it needs bacteria and other microorganisms to biodegrade. The process will only be initiated in compost, soil, waste water, freshwater or marine environments where microorganisms are present.

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