Dor & Tan

Sharron, Peter, Matthew, and Viola run the Dor and Tan Studio. Wanting to break away from the disposability of modern life, they aim to create objects with a more personal connection and bring handcrafted items to people, that have a unique soft character which cannot be created any other way than by the hand of a maker.

Their studio is nestled into the North Cornish coast, in rural Hayle. When not making ceramics they are exploring at sea in their sailboat and hunting and gathering in the local wilderness for inspiration. Or pottering around in their sheltered garden growing fruits and veggies. (Living the Wilderpeople dream!)

Each item in the range is thrown by hand out of clay that is sourced locally to them, and the kilns used to fire them run solely on green energy. It’s a purposefully slow design process, where they take the time to ensure the quality and design is exactly how they want it, testing it and using each piece in their own homes before making it available to buy.

You can find their range in the homeware section.