Madam Stoltz recycled glass brown

Madam Stoltz recycled glass brown


Drink sustainable with this Madam Stoltz recycled glass in brown, practical for drinking from or as a mini vase.

  • dishwasher safe

  • Size: 7x9 cm

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About the brand: Pernille founded this lifestyle project after being inspired by her travels that were funded by Jewellery she would buy and sell from India. Now India is like her second home, having close relationships with all of the families involved who she now calls her own, she spends most of her time here, working closely with the artisans which she believes benefit the product development.

“I have taken so much from India, I want to give back”

Pernille strongly supports the Nai Disha project which is in support of children (who are normally from extremely poor backgrounds, living in mud built huts and tarp roofs) receiving the education they deserve. She shows her support by working with the parents of these children through settings up a skills centre where they learn how to craft, then using their new found knowledge to work for Madam Stoltz and for themselves. This project started with 12 children and is now currently working with 450.