Who We Are

Wilderpeople: A human collective that make a conscious decision to uphold their responsibilities as consumers, to protect the natural world and all of its inhabitants.


As fashion advocates who are learning to be more conscious with consumption, we found ourselves really struggling to find pieces that were ‘trendy’ and ‘for us’ without compromising our values.

So with this in mind we founded The Wilderpeople and now spend our time trawling the internet to find a collective of brands that bring both style and sustainable living together. Curating a platform (including an inspirational Journal) that inspires a new style of living. Encouraging others to stop over indulging in unnecessary single use products, harmful materials and things you just don’t need, instead investing in something high quality and long lasting that we all love.

We are new to this! If you have any queries or feedback then we would love to hear from you! please email us at contact@thewilderpeople.co.uk

Borrowed from Pinterest (unknown artist) Photo coming soon ;)

Borrowed from Pinterest (unknown artist) Photo coming soon ;)

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