New Years Resolutions | The Natural Way

Every New Year is the same, we join the gym, cut calories, set money goals and in general make lots of promises most of us just can’t keep. But this year we decided to do it differently, with our main focus being around self love and care. If we can learn to manage our mentality and our health by cutting social media screen time and instead practising more meditation (just as an example) then we should learn to be more happier with the people that we are, with everything else falling into place. Read on to find out what our main focuses are for 2019 in comparison to the strict resolutions we set ourselves usually.

Dry January | Reducing alcohol intake for the year.

This year instead of taking part in Dry January (which for me in 2018 lasted 3 weeks), I will be focusing on how I can cut my alcohol intake as a whole throughout the year. Instead of pressurising myself to succeed in one month of zero alcohol before bouncing back to my old ways, I will be drinking a lot less as a whole, hoping to make long term changes on my health for the foreseeable future. Going T-total for me would be the dream, but realistically I love a glass of wine with dinner and on social gatherings - but this is fine. Just moderation is the key here, not every drink needs to be alcohol and many nights can be enjoyed alcohol free! For me the worst thing is when everyone keeps asking the question “why aren’t you drinking!?” So make it easy on yourself and fake it. Dress up as usual, turn up, have fun and buy your own drinks! Just try a mocktail or sparkling elderflower with cucumber and they will never know ;).

Divorce your phone | Cut down screen time (especially Instagram)

Now this is nothing against Instagram or influencers or whichever social medias and apps you may be using. This is just a realisation that we need to spend less time on our phones, scrolling through pictures of people that we subconsciously look up to and aspire to be. With the constant comparing and pushing of products and lifestyles that we feel like we need to keep up with, its time to give our brains a break and start to think a little less about who we aren’t and what we think we need and actually start to appreciate ourselves and realise what we already have. To those of you that have an iPhone with the most recent update, you would of most likely noticed the screen time section that informs you exactly how long you spend on your phone and on which sectors. For other devices you can definitely find an app for this somewhere in your app stores. Now for me on average I spend 3.5 hours a day on my phone, thats a weekly total of 24 hours and 36 minutes. Considering the fact I am at work for 8 hours a day and sleep for 8 hours too, this means in my spare 8 hours of the day I am spending half of the time on my phone, most likely looking at how other people spend their lives. This is something I will definitely be changing for 2019.

Buy no new clothes for a whole year! | Give to Charity and purchase slow fashion/second hand instead…

Again I could try to buy no new clothes for a whole year, but I don’t think this would be a realistic goal that I can challenge myself to succeed - although I definitely would encourage anyone that can! But for people like me that want to make more conscious and honest decisions, we should try buying pieces we really need that can be worn over and over again. Made of good quality and created with ethical practices and purpose from brands we can trust. No more throw away fashion or buying for the sake of it. I will also be clearing out my wardrobe and dropping off the bags to my nearest charity shops. A quick google of donating second hand clothes online will bring you up lots of charities that will collect your donated clothes from your doorstep.

“If one million women bought their next item of clothing second-hand instead of new, we would save 6 million kg of carbon pollution from entering the atmosphere” - Retold. 1 millionwomen.

Fad diets | add more food to your diet instead I.e. vegetables, fruits and protein etc

No more Fad diets! This is one of my main resolutions that gets me every year. Unrealistic goals are set to lose weight which are unenjoyable, unmanageable and unachievable. I may lose a quick 5 to 7lbs but in the end this weight is always regained as soon as I can no longer with stand the diet and its rules. Instead of removing a silly amount of calories and all carbs and sugar from my diet, I am going to add food instead (But only nutritious food). Adding in lots of healthy foods such a vegetables, fruits and protein from meat or beans, (depending on your diet) will help you feel full and not encourage you to snack due to hungriness. You will be successfully receiving your 5 a day and eventually cut out the negatives (such as sugars) naturally. Remember most negative cravings are a lack of some sort of vitamins or nutrition. For example craving chocolate is usually a lack of magnesium which can be found in nuts and seeds. Craving soda can be a calcium deficiency and craving carbs due to a a lack of nitrogen. Don’t forget, the most important parts of a successful diet is to drink plenty of water and get 8 hours sleep.

I decided with all my cravings and tiredness to sign up to VITL after a recommendation from a friend. This is a monthly service that subscribes you vitamins that are tailored to you, based on the results to a questionnaire.

Join a gym | Exercise at home and locally

If you are anything like me, the thought of the gym is just a no go. I get bored easily and struggle to motivate myself. As well as lacking in confidence when working out in front of others, I can never get into any sort of routine and attend the gym enough for it to even be worth paying for. So this year I am trying something new! I have always loved Yoga and have now found a new love for something I thought I hated - running. With these two things I found that even if I just try and fit 15 minutes in of each as many days as I can a week I will slowly start to feel happier and become more used to routine. Meditation is also an important practise I will now be introducing regularly into my routine. As important it is to exercise our bodies we should exercise our minds too. Here are the apps and youtube channels I am using below,

30 days of Yoga with Adrianne:


Nike Running:

Make a difference | beach cleanups, volunteer, beauty bay etc

This is something I have always thought about but never got round to doing. Now as part of The Wilderpeople we will be hosting clean ups in local areas, inviting our lovely wilder volunteers to help us. Using our brand as a platform to encourage others as well as ourselves to make a difference by being active. Not just donating and avidly speaking out but also proving our passion with our actions. Helping to make a difference one step at a time.

Please know we do not knock anyone for their choices and would always encourage events like dry January as anything that encourages a healthier lifestyle is positive. This is merely just a guide for people like us that need to set more realistic goals to ease themselves into a healthier, new style of living.

Let us know how this may have inspired you or any tips you also have for us on how we can lead a happier and healthier 2019.

The Wilderpeople xx