More than just a candle...


The story starts with husband and wife duo, Sam and Poppy Wall, who both grew up in the countryside of the UK, Sam on the Cornish coast where he surfed and enjoyed art and design and Poppy on the Welsh borders in a farmhouse, surrounded by nature. Sydney, Australia (where they spent a lot of their time) are way ahead of us in the conscious and natural lifestyle department and it was on their arrival home from this city when they decided to create the EYM candle.

The ingredients of each candle is 100% natural, natural fragrance, natural ingredients, natural wick. 100% chemical free, with essential oils that are carefully selected from around the world to support both our physical and emotional well-being.

So what do we have to offer? We currently have a small selection of two candles (our favourite two), named home and soul.

EYM Home & Soul
Both candles have different smells but similar benefits, to welcome you in to your home and in to your favourite space!

Home, Ingredients: Rose, Geranium and Camomile
Soul, Ingredients: Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom

Here is some key benefits you can receive from the use of these candles…
- Reduce depression & anxiety | Lifting your mood, boosting your self-esteem and giving you the confidence and positivity you deserve!
- An aphrodisiac | The rose has always been a symbol of romance and it turns out that inhaling it works wonders too, which is great for your libido and also reducing any sexual dysfunctions.
- Aids menstruation | This one is for the ladies, these oils help to relieve cramps, fatigue and nausea also helping to trigger that annoying irregular period and ease menopause.
- Headache? | After a long day at work, glued to the screen, our brains start to hurt (well mine does anyway). These essential oils are known to help this, although it may just be related to the fact it is a de-stresser, as mentioned above!

We recommend you burn these candles in an enclosed space for a minimum of 2 hours for full aromatherapy benefits. Natural candles have no booster chemicals so need some time to spread their scent.

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