We are an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that aims to inspire a new style of living, that will benefit our future for both the planet and its inhabitants.

“Style that does not compromise values”

As two best friends and fashion advocates who are learning to be more conscious with consumption, we found ourselves really struggling to find pieces that were trendy and ‘for us’ without compromising certain values.

“Our goal is to inspire people to be more conscious, whilst making it easier to make sustainable choices.”

So with this in mind we found The Wilderpeople and now spend our time trawling the internet to find a collective of brands that bring both style and sustainable living together. Curating a platform (including a Journal) that encourages others to stop over indulging in unnecessary single use products, harmful materials and things you just don’t need. Instead investing in something high quality and long lasting that we all love, supporting artists and creatives alike.

We support brands that are eco-friendly, sustainable and purposeful.

Who are our brands and why have we selected them?

We don’t just find brands we present them to you too. It’s super easy to say we found some eco brands and here they are… but instead we want to give you a true understanding of where your products are really coming from and who they are.

To take we must give…

We believe that it is important to give something back, that’s why we pledge to donate 2% of the total value of each order to our chosen charities. 1% will go to Trees for the future to help protect the planet. The other 1% will be donated to the charity Young Minds to help the people.