Soul and sapphire

Kate is the founder of Soul and Sapphire and over the past 5 years she has spent her time travelling, on the search for inspiration and refining her craft.

Her initial inspiration for Soul and Sapphire came from the artisanal handicrafts that she collected on her travels, she had also fallen in love with the traditional techniques she had seen such as silversmithing. She went on to attend a course in Hatton Garden in London where she learnt the skills needed to create her own range.

Her range focusses on sustainable materials and uses only sterling silver and responsibly sourced stones. (Some of which she finds herself whilst combing the beaches!) All of her pieces are lovingly handcrafted, tailoring each piece to the individual stone ensuring each one is unique.

“I love what I do and I hope you enjoy the treasures I create.”

You can find the rest of her range in our accessories section.